Primabolics Restore

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With the busy modern lifestyles we all lead, we are all exposed to multiple stressors that contribute to being in an unintentional state of ‘Fight or Flight’ that is essentially a road block for fat loss or muscle building.

This is because unfortunately for our Adrenal glands, stressors are cumulative and therefore all add up to unintentionally place our bodies in a state of prolonged stress and thus exposure to stress hormones that are secreted as a response to these stressors.

Studies show that elevated Cortisol and stress is associated with:

Stubborn body fat around the mid-section
Anxiety and depression
Poor sleep quality, unable to switch off, feeling tired but still mentally wired
Hormonal imbalances including Lower Testosterone in men and higher Estrogen in Women
Low Libido
Poor memory, feeling brain fog
Struggle to recover from exercise or build muscle
Struggle to lose body fat
Slow metabolism
Products similar to Restore have potent Botanical blends that work to ease the burden of these frantic modern lifestyles and in so doing, are brilliant at therefore enhancing your quality of life and results both in and out of the gym!

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Gavin Knights

Absolutely Game changing. I don’t need the 4 prescribed, just a couple and for the first thing in years, I sleep right through 7 hits plus and wake up feeling great.
Love it. Who would have thought that a couple of Australian Bowhunters could set up and develop such an amazing product. I heard about it in an archery podcast.