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Pump Serum combines 13 potent and some patented ingredients to intensify your workout performance. Each compound is dosed optimally for maximum effect, which is why each serving is over 31 grams.

You can experience great, high-intensity workouts without having to worry about a crash afterward.
How Can I Use Pump Serum?
Mix one (1) scoop of Pump Serum with 8 to 12 fl oz of water and take it about 30 minutes before hitting the gym to optimize muscle pumps, focus, and performance.

Why Are There Clumps In My Product?
Clumps in pre-workouts are very common. Most pump ingredients like Glycerpump™ and glycerol are known as hygroscopic ingredients, which means that they attract and hold water. Pump Serum contains only the best ingredients at a very high dosage. That's why you may experience some clumping. The clumps will solve if shaken with water or any other substance.

Should I Stack Pump Serum?
Stacking this supplement with other Huge Nutrition is optional, not a must. If you’re looking to stack it, combine it with Arachidone, Wrecked, Magnify or Huge BCAA.

You can also combine it with a muscle building stack if you’re looking to put on size.

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Excellent taste and great pumps in the gym.

filippos nilsson

Top G