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Builds Lean Muscle and Promotes Recovery
HMB is stored and used to build, maintain, and repair muscle cells. Supplementing with HMB gives your muscle tissues the building blocks it needs to pack on lean muscle, easier.

Improves Strength, Power, and Endurance
HMB is well known and proven to improve strength and power, especially when taken around your workouts. When HMB is readily available in your blood stream, the second you start tearing down your muscle fibers, HMB starts its magic rebuilding them, bigger and stronger.

Enhanced Absorption
Our formula uses the most effective and patented version of HMB. We also added in Astragin which significantly enhances the uptake and body's ability to utilize HMB for muscle building and enhanced strength and endurance.

Helps Prevent Muscle Breakdown, Especially While Dieting
Studies have shown that HMB has a profound ability to prevent muscle damage and breakdown during strenuous exercise, even while on a caloric deficit. Traditionally, without supplementation, the body is inclined to burn fat AND muscle while dieting. Studies show that taking HMB while on a diet can reduce blood indicators of muscle damage after high volume workouts, meaning that less muscle is going to waste and more is being preserved.

Take three (3) capsules anytime of day with or without food.